Water Source

MUD 249 currently obtains all of its water from ground water pursuant to annual permit issued by the Harris - Galveston Subsidence District.  MUD 249 also has an emergency water interconnect with Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 110, which serves as an emergency source of water for MUD 249.  Both MUD 249 and MUD 110 currently obtain all their water from the aquifer.

The Harris - Galveston Subsidence District ("HGCSD") has adopted a regulatory plan which requires certain districts within the jurisdiction of HGCSD, including MUD 249, to adopt a groundwater reduction plan ("grp"), join a regulatory grp, or pay disincentive fees for groundwater pumpage.  MUD 249 is included in a regional grp prepared and implemented by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority ("NHCRWA").  As part of the NHCRWA's grp, the District is required to undergo a phased conversion from groundwater usage to surface water usage over the next 25 years.  The District will obtain surface water in compliance with such requirements through the NHCRWA who has secured a source of surface water from the City of Houston.


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